Month: May 2014

Purpose & Passion

Finding Home For You Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favorite books.  Elizabeth Gilbert shares her story of struggles and trials in finding her purpose and discovering her passion.  After the phenomenal hit of her book becoming a movie, she discusses the challenges of continuing to write and all her future work not being compared to that one title. If you've ever…read more
Crazy Life

Living Life Before It Lives You

Through a long term real estate career and especially in times of success, people would constantly ask me about the business.  They saw my houses, my cars and the external eccentricities that were deemed as desirable.  We all do this, by the way...we look at someone from the outside and judge it as good or bad, successful or unsuccessful when…read more
Guy Stuff, Heart & Spirit

The Pilgramage

Life can feel like a constant voyage of never ending adventures.  That statement can cause excitement or anxiety, depending on where you've sailed.  If you're constantly at sea, only occasionally porting to restock the provisions before heading back out, your body can grow weary from the work, yet you press on. There have been days when ALL I've ever wanted…read more
Guy Stuff

Ride the Bus

Modern Man Law #24: If riding the bus doesn't incentivize you to improve your station in life, nothing will. Sometimes as men, we have to place ourselves in positions of extreme gratitude to appreciate what we have.  We complain, we compete and nothing is good enough...until we see others that have less than we do. I love the old saying,…read more