Month: August 2014

Heart & Spirit

Bridges of Love 2

bridges-of-love-3 This is the second installation of Bridges of Love. Completed at the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge in Austin, TX, It took on a flirty and fun dance at the end and I paired the art with Adam Levine's new song, Lost Stars. I hope you enjoy it. ~Robin  read more
Heart & Spirit, Purpose & Passion

Bridges of Love 1

bridges-of-love-3 As a lifelong writer and poet, I had been considering the idea of walking poetry.  An art installation that people happen upon and taken by surprise by what's under their feet...this message of love. I love bridges.  Seems they transport us beautifully to different places, land masses that we otherwise couldn't venture to.   So I designed "Bridges of Love"…read more
Crazy Life

Valley of Neutrality

Seems to be a valley of neutrality to travel through on the destination to surrender.  No highs, no lows...times when you consider sticking a fork in your eye to feel alive then you realize THAT too, is just a silly need to feel, cast on us by something outside ourselves. What do you do to FEEL?  There's a lot of…read more