Month: January 2016

Inner Happiness, Purpose & Passion

Create the Life You Want or, Tolerate the Life You Have.

It takes guts to create the life you want, versus tolerate the life you have. In spite of all the development, the education, the advances we make, we all exist in some level of toleration. We don't truly realize just how dangerous this is. Like a prolonged erosion of your house's foundation, we never know the danger we live upon…read more
Crazy Life, Inner Happiness

Choosing Life or Death

A friend decided to leave this earth the other day. Just gone…no goodbyes. Drove to the cemetery, posted a Facebook message asking us to care for her three children and then, shot herself.How do I phrase what happened, i mean, what’s appropriate or accurate, or will bring comfort to others? Shit, what is the protocol? We’re all just awkwardly looking…read more