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The Brutal Truth about Being an Entrepreneur Nobody Will Tell You

Recently I was asked by an Austin based community startup named, #besomebody to write about what makes someone an "Entrepreneur". This is the story: Working since very young, we quickly learned the benefits of innovation and finding hidden resources to bring value, answer a problem and develop the solution. It's not just blind ambition or a competitive desire to win,…read more
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5 Ways to Determine if Your Business is Conscious.

what-is-conscious-capitalism-socially-conscious-business-network-and-community-awakening-to-greater-good-business-purpose What is Conscious Capitalism? I'm really inspired by the discussion! Watch this 3 min video on an emerging trend to ask the deeper questions about having meaning and purpose in their business. The world is awakening to ask the WHY behind what they do and creating the social currency to empower the end user. Explore what it means to…read more
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FANAFI Principle

Years ago, a very direct and powerful sales manager told me, “Robin, if you’ll understand the FANAFI Principle, you’ll always be well paid and in high demand.” FANAFI Principle = Find A Need And Fill It! That’s it. No great systems, tricks or shortcuts to making the sale. Just find what others want and need and give it to them.…read more
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17 Success Principles

Think and Grow Rich from Napolean Hill From Zig Ziglar, to Brian Tracy to Anthony Robbins, there is something about the "motivational greats" that continuously and tirelessly work to inspire and encourage others. For years, I've followed their work and allowed their teachings to expand and develop me. Among no other, has to be the late, Napolean Hill that documented…read more