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All The Ways We Hear Go F@*k Yourself and Think It’s Normal

“I want …” I began to say eagerly, standing my ground in a self assured stance of confidence. What came next was a complex dissertation of reasonings, the kind you would expect to hear from an pompous ivy league Professor wearing an obnoxiously long scarf, surrounded by too many students to count, all positioned in a theater style classroom of…read more
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Breakthrough Essentials To Thriving

Are You Thriving or Trapped in the Limitation Box? How do we break from limitations and thrive in life? We consume the books, quiet ourselves in meditation, flood the churches and contort our bodies in yoga studios seeking enlightenment. The wise teachers say it's right there inside us all along, yet we often live like men dying of thirst trekking…read more
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Amp It Up. Live Epic!

amp-it-up-create-the-life-you-want-motivation-to-keep-going-and-build-a-life-that-matters That feeling you get when life is beginning to take off and your confidence is gaining and just then, someone asks you to throttle it back, be less than you are so you don't shine as bright. When you commit and set an intention to create the life you want, the universe will conspire to send resources to your…read more
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Choosing Life or Death

A friend decided to leave this earth the other day. Just gone…no goodbyes. Drove to the cemetery, posted a Facebook message asking us to care for her three children and then, shot herself.How do I phrase what happened, i mean, what’s appropriate or accurate, or will bring comfort to others? Shit, what is the protocol? We’re all just awkwardly looking…read more
Crazy Life

Valley of Neutrality

Seems to be a valley of neutrality to travel through on the destination to surrender.  No highs, no lows...times when you consider sticking a fork in your eye to feel alive then you realize THAT too, is just a silly need to feel, cast on us by something outside ourselves. What do you do to FEEL?  There's a lot of…read more
Crazy Life

Living Life Before It Lives You

Through a long term real estate career and especially in times of success, people would constantly ask me about the business.  They saw my houses, my cars and the external eccentricities that were deemed as desirable.  We all do this, by the way...we look at someone from the outside and judge it as good or bad, successful or unsuccessful when…read more
Crazy Life

Good Time Charlie

This was written in 2007 during an intense time of self-exploration and a desperate attempt to find the beauty inside me and figure out a way to LIVE that way on the outside.  With life's pressures and telling me who I needed to be to be accepted, the pure message inside constantly got suffocated.  Or...I allowed it to get suffocated.…read more