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The Shocking Truth I Discovered about Vulnerability as a Man

I have a confession: vulnerability is confusing to me. Like, really confusing! It feels counter-intuitive. Why is there a fascination with the human struggle and failure? Stand in any checkout line and a dozen magazines bombard the celebrities with public mishap of the affair, drinking binge or poorly posed swimsuit photo with greater attention than wearing couture on the red…read more
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13 Things Divorced Men Over 50 Must Do Immediately to Rebuild Themselves (and women too)

Are you divorced over 50, wondering how to be a desirable man again? "Who is going to want a 55 year old man that is divorced?" I've actually heard men (and women too) tell me this, already resigned to the idea that they're undesirable and unwanted. My mind goes to the elderly couple, still canoodling in corners after 50 years…read more
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The Pilgramage

Life can feel like a constant voyage of never ending adventures.  That statement can cause excitement or anxiety, depending on where you've sailed.  If you're constantly at sea, only occasionally porting to restock the provisions before heading back out, your body can grow weary from the work, yet you press on. There have been days when ALL I've ever wanted…read more
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Ride the Bus

Modern Man Law #24: If riding the bus doesn't incentivize you to improve your station in life, nothing will. Sometimes as men, we have to place ourselves in positions of extreme gratitude to appreciate what we have.  We complain, we compete and nothing is good enough...until we see others that have less than we do. I love the old saying,…read more