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If Love Was Our Religion

“I’m spiritual, but not religious.” This is a popular saying that is now proclaimed with such snap quickness, it’s almost expected.  (Said with all variances of enunciation and attachments to indicate a heavy story that’s certain to ensue.) The two parties of religion and spirituality have been quietly separated, spreading the word, working their many practices as people do, offering…read more
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What is Masculinity

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i84fOMLBpc What is Masculinity? Men rush to define the many aspects of the qualities, virtues and values that define what it means to be a man only to often become disillusioned with their pursuits.   What if the subject of masculinity was an energy or way of being, undefined by gender, unattached from preconceived ideas and something that we, as…read more
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The Kingdom of Heaven is Within

As I read through the gospel of Matthew, Jesus speaks constantly of the Kingdom of Heaven. Parables of farming, cultivating, planting and pruning seem to be a reoccurring theme tied to a sense of worthiness and action. A deep and tumultuous history of religion used these actions to control and behavior modify me into submission. In my ignorance of Jesus…read more
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Bridge of Love 3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDdnuB08aDM&list=UUm9NOyedLKidEXClW5XMCRg&w=560&h=315 This is the third installation of Bridges of Love, completed at South end of the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge in Austin, TX. This is dedicated to those that have lost our way traveling through life and continue to wander, gathering experiences and connections to realize that we're all on the same path of exploration making sense of this thing called,…read more
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Bridges of Love 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQJnHZtBAAA&list=UUm9NOyedLKidEXClW5XMCRg This is the second installation of Bridges of Love. Completed at the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge in Austin, TX, It took on a flirty and fun dance at the end and I paired the art with Adam Levine's new song, Lost Stars. I hope you enjoy it. ~Robin  read more
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Bridges of Love 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czlkBK0vGUU&list=UUm9NOyedLKidEXClW5XMCRg As a lifelong writer and poet, I had been considering the idea of walking poetry.  An art installation that people happen upon and taken by surprise by what's under their feet...this message of love. I love bridges.  Seems they transport us beautifully to different places, land masses that we otherwise couldn't venture to.   So I designed "Bridges of Love"…read more