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The Chemistry of Love

There exists a natural tendency to assume that remarkable chemistry between two souls is confirmation they are meant to be together. The energetic heat flares and we're consumed with profound feelings and we enmesh our hearts to exclaim, "I have found true love!"  It seems counter-intuitive to imagine ourselves separate from our new love. Like most infernos, what burns hot,…read more
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6 Reasons Dating Sucks! (Do this instead)

what-is-dating-dating-advice-for-men-and-women-creative-connections-meeting-women-find-romance Dating has become this ritual of activity, full of varying opinions and discussions on an exchange between two people, all for different reasons and to determine compatibility. But I have to ask, compatibility for what? What if we stopped this ritual and instead began to creatively connect, to evocatively explore and sought for nothing more than the satisfaction of…read more
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Walking Into Seduction

Tired from a long day, you drag through the door, uncertain what the evening holds. The delectable smell of fresh herbs and preparations invigorates you as a handsome man greets you with your martini and a deserving kiss. Your hands fall loose of the gatherings from the day as you're guided to the floor slipping effortlessly from binding clothes and…read more