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What To Do When You Feel Stuck

You want to have a life partner, but the commitment of marriage creates confliction.There is beautiful art deep in your soul, eager to emerge, but the lack of demand from buyers or a flooded marketplace keeps your creations hidden inside.You're a prolific writer, inspirational and poetic, but the purging of the content from the depths of your soul leave you…read more
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What is Masculinity

what-is-masculinity-developing-your-mascuiine-energy-excersise-virtuous-manhood-raising-men-to-be-strong-and-honorable What is Masculinity? Men rush to define the many aspects of the qualities, virtues and values that define what it means to be a man only to often become disillusioned with their pursuits.   What if the subject of masculinity was an energy or way of being, undefined by gender, unattached from preconceived ideas and something that we, as…read more
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Amp It Up. Live Epic!

amp-it-up-create-the-life-you-want-motivation-to-keep-going-and-build-a-life-that-matters That feeling you get when life is beginning to take off and your confidence is gaining and just then, someone asks you to throttle it back, be less than you are so you don't shine as bright. When you commit and set an intention to create the life you want, the universe will conspire to send resources to your…read more
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5 Ways to Handle Resistance

what-is-resistance-using-change-as-a-catalyst-force-life-changer-through-depression-to-flourish-a The moment I placed my mind and heart to an intention, I found resistance. The relationship with my own internal struggle stalked me like a dark shadow, causing a relentless spirit to show up again and again leading to striving and eventually, massive burnout. 25 years of depression and compulsive behaviors coupled with perilous fear nearly drove me mad,…read more
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What is Codependency? Overcoming Unhealthy Relationshps & Recovery Stages for Enmeshed Familes

what-is-codependency-overcoming-unhealthy-relationshps-recovery-stages-for-enmeshed-familes-narcissism What is Codependency? A popular word among the well-meaning self-help books we consume these days. In an effort to eradicate any pain we feel, we look to our relationships as an outside indicator that something has gone wrong and we've become enmeshed with another human. Triumphantly we break free into a state of self-empowered independence, often only to long…read more
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Gratitude is Suffocating Your Happiness!

gratitude-is-sabotagging-your-happiness-power-of-gratitude-breakthrough-in-dealing-with-pain-depression-life-momentum-e1450027338103 Gratitude is suffocating your happiness! Kind of an unpopular comment when so many of us use grateful verbiage to move ourselves to better emotional states. But what do we do with unexpressed emotions that are eroding our lives and keeping us in a legacy of toxic compulsive behaviors? Explore the idea with me that often gratitude needs to be…read more
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Be A Builder

Builders inspire the world.  What they do, how they think, their grandiose ideas that are constantly flowing out of their minds.  I've been a builder from birth, constantly dreaming and searching for the creation of greatness.  Admittedly, I've struggled with the implementation and the consistency needed to actually see the creation launch, grow legs and run on its own.  My…read more
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17 Success Principles

Think and Grow Rich from Napolean Hill From Zig Ziglar, to Brian Tracy to Anthony Robbins, there is something about the "motivational greats" that continuously and tirelessly work to inspire and encourage others. For years, I've followed their work and allowed their teachings to expand and develop me. Among no other, has to be the late, Napolean Hill that documented…read more