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The Brutal Truth about Being an Entrepreneur Nobody Will Tell You

Recently I was asked by an Austin based community startup named, #besomebody to write about what makes someone an "Entrepreneur". This is the story: Working since very young, we quickly learned the benefits of innovation and finding hidden resources to bring value, answer a problem and develop the solution. It's not just blind ambition or a competitive desire to win,…read more
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Beating the Imposter Syndrome to Win at Life

You have a deep desire to write a book, but can’t seem to begin. A tender voice inside beckons for release on the stage, but you can’t configure your outline. Constantly friends and colleagues approach you for life advice, but the title of coach feels inauthentic. Losing those 15-30 “extra” pounds of baby weight stick to you like a security…read more
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Create the Life You Want or, Tolerate the Life You Have.

It takes guts to create the life you want, versus tolerate the life you have. In spite of all the development, the education, the advances we make, we all exist in some level of toleration. We don't truly realize just how dangerous this is. Like a prolonged erosion of your house's foundation, we never know the danger we live upon…read more
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The Dawn’s Awakening

The breaking of dawn. Light peaks through my small cave I call Airstream to join me in the state of stillness. Like a child eager to play, my agenda is curved to give full attention to the presence all around, light filling each inch with every passing second. Dawn, how you move slowly in to continue to consume all space…read more
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Bridge of Love 3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDdnuB08aDM&list=UUm9NOyedLKidEXClW5XMCRg&w=560&h=315 This is the third installation of Bridges of Love, completed at South end of the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge in Austin, TX. This is dedicated to those that have lost our way traveling through life and continue to wander, gathering experiences and connections to realize that we're all on the same path of exploration making sense of this thing called,…read more
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Bridges of Love 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czlkBK0vGUU&list=UUm9NOyedLKidEXClW5XMCRg As a lifelong writer and poet, I had been considering the idea of walking poetry.  An art installation that people happen upon and taken by surprise by what's under their feet...this message of love. I love bridges.  Seems they transport us beautifully to different places, land masses that we otherwise couldn't venture to.   So I designed "Bridges of Love"…read more
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Finding Home For You

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_waBFUg_oT8 Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favorite books.  Elizabeth Gilbert shares her story of struggles and trials in finding her purpose and discovering her passion.  After the phenomenal hit of her book becoming a movie, she discusses the challenges of continuing to write and all her future work not being compared to that one title. If you've ever…read more
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Where is The Man?

In literally hundreds of interviews with men and women, I'm astonished at the erosion of the dominant masculine spirit over the years.   Men are under great pressure to form themselves into something of meaning and define who they are.  Society has changed quickly over the last 50 years demanding the man to be more than his programming was equipped…read more