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Be A Builder

Builders inspire the world.  What they do, how they think, their grandiose ideas that are constantly flowing out of their minds.  I've been a builder from birth, constantly dreaming and searching for the creation of greatness.  Admittedly, I've struggled with the implementation and the consistency needed to actually see the creation launch, grow legs and run on its own.  My…read more
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Where is The Man?

In literally hundreds of interviews with men and women, I'm astonished at the erosion of the dominant masculine spirit over the years.   Men are under great pressure to form themselves into something of meaning and define who they are.  Society has changed quickly over the last 50 years demanding the man to be more than his programming was equipped…read more
Love & Sex

Walking Into Seduction

Tired from a long day, you drag through the door, uncertain what the evening holds. The delectable smell of fresh herbs and preparations invigorates you as a handsome man greets you with your martini and a deserving kiss. Your hands fall loose of the gatherings from the day as you're guided to the floor slipping effortlessly from binding clothes and…read more
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17 Success Principles

Think and Grow Rich from Napolean Hill From Zig Ziglar, to Brian Tracy to Anthony Robbins, there is something about the "motivational greats" that continuously and tirelessly work to inspire and encourage others. For years, I've followed their work and allowed their teachings to expand and develop me. Among no other, has to be the late, Napolean Hill that documented…read more

Are You Good at Sex?

We as guys get SO caught up in if we're "good at it", all the right moves, was that move the hip up, then down or side to side, round and round?  Shit...how do we keep up.  Women have a hundred "spots" that will make them go crazy and they're all totally different.  One girl wants a tickle, another a…read more
Heart & Spirit

The Beautiful Calling

Where have you been, child? You think you’ve been by my side all these years yet you’ve only seen me in your preconceived notions of my presence, the deepness of me you’ve missed and you’ve seen nothing but a mere shadow. You KNOW that I did all these things for you, that I left my perfect home, left the unity…read more
Crazy Life

Good Time Charlie

This was written in 2007 during an intense time of self-exploration and a desperate attempt to find the beauty inside me and figure out a way to LIVE that way on the outside.  With life's pressures and telling me who I needed to be to be accepted, the pure message inside constantly got suffocated.  Or...I allowed it to get suffocated.…read more