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How does Hollywood condition us for failure? Better yet, how we can use fictional love stories to fuel our relationships? In this episode, Robin Reed shares how we can get curious about each other and reset expectations for the ultimate adventure. In this episode, Krissy and Robin explore the topics of erotic expectations as well as how to cultivate a truly romantic life. We ask the questions of how to take accountability for your experience of romance as well as what life could look life if we gave ourselves the gift of all that we truly desire! 

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Robin Austin Reed

Lovers in the Woods – coming soon

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About Robin Austin Reed:

Contributor to popular blogs and authoring five non-fiction books, Robin has been writing for over a decade about healing, recovery and personal development, and working with clients in the ways of romance. After attending the Romance Writers Convention, he was hooked on the romance genre, embarking on a two year quest to become a master storyteller. Lovers in the Woods is his debut romance novel, choosing paranormal to spotlight his connection to the spiritual and mystical.

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