Personal Development, Purpose & Passion

Beating the Imposter Syndrome to Win at Life

You have a deep desire to write a book, but can’t seem to begin. A tender voice inside beckons for release on the stage, but you can’t configure your outline. Constantly friends and colleagues approach you for life advice, but the title of coach feels inauthentic. Losing those 15-30 “extra” pounds of baby weight stick to you like a security…read more
Business & Money

5 Ways to Determine if Your Business is Conscious.

what-is-conscious-capitalism-socially-conscious-business-network-and-community-awakening-to-greater-good-business-purpose What is Conscious Capitalism? I'm really inspired by the discussion! Watch this 3 min video on an emerging trend to ask the deeper questions about having meaning and purpose in their business. The world is awakening to ask the WHY behind what they do and creating the social currency to empower the end user. Explore what it means to…read more