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The Meaning Behind What Men Say to Women

“Men are simple creatures!” I hear this dismissive statement ALL the time. So much so, that now even men are speaking it. It pisses me off! Me and my brothers…are NOT simple. We are unbelievably complex, mysterious and beyond beautiful in very unique ways. All things being fair, men have created this worldview of ourselves and it’s not women’s fault…read more
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13 Things Divorced Men Over 50 Must Do Immediately to Rebuild Themselves (and women too)

Are you divorced over 50, wondering how to be a desirable man again? "Who is going to want a 55 year old man that is divorced?" I've actually heard men (and women too) tell me this, already resigned to the idea that they're undesirable and unwanted. My mind goes to the elderly couple, still canoodling in corners after 50 years…read more

The Progression of Touch

So many people ask me about intimacy and there being an art to touching others. Notice when you're around friends, colleagues or someone you're attracted to. They will all solicit a highly different degree of touches. I've always been very affectionate. With my friends, family and lovers. There is a book called, The 5 Love Languages and one of those…read more