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The Brutal Truth about Being an Entrepreneur Nobody Will Tell You

Recently I was asked by an Austin based community startup named, #besomebody to write about what makes someone an “Entrepreneur”. This is the story: Working since very young, we quickly learned the benefits of innovation and finding hidden resources to bring value, answer a problem and develop the solution. It’s not just blind ambition or

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The Power of Mind Mapping for Clarity

Dazed and Confused. No, not the movie. Worse, the state of mind. We’ve all been there. You can feel the power of the dream, you awaken at night in a cold sweat with the anxiety that it may never happen and wonder HOW to launch your goal. The maddening part of that equation is the

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The Top Way to Hire Amazing Sales People and Grow Your Team

“I got a good hunch about you. Okay, can you begin Monday?” That was how I’ve landed the majority of my sales jobs. A few of the organizations asked me deeper level questions or put me through a personality assessment and a couple asked me to role play with them to insure I had the

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