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How I Wrote an Authentic Letter to My Wounded Inner Child and Received Powerful Healing and Freedom from Decades of Pain

Emerging from six weeks of treatment for a lifetime of depression and compulsions, I was finally free, or so I thought. “At least now, I don’t want to kill myself” I told the doctors, a low level of hope streaming across my face. They’d seen it before, people arriving in complete despair and emerging a

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We Are Silly and Stupid Humans – A Philosophical Rant from a Writer’s Mind.

Hi. I’m feeling so exposed and vulnerable. No family. No business. No home, roots or symbols of meaning that we often point at to say, “this is me, I am good,” with a highly-tuned sensitivity to read the faces of others around us to affirm our belonging. This has been my state of being for

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The Process of Spiritual Rebirth and Transformation

I thought Spiritual Rebirth was false until I experienced it. Many of us are burdened with heavy loads we were never intended to carry, creating addictions and compulsions in the seeking of relief. The rebirthing process is a way of releasing that so you can be merged back to your soul.