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Milos Cafe in lovely Condesa of Mexico City

The buzz of the espresso steamer. The hum of the passing car on the split lane street lined with trees and palms. The cute, sexy server attempting to give good service even though you both speak different languages What was intended to be a short walk, became a romantic and nostalgic experience with a small

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The Gift of Mindful Eating: Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food.

“Oh it’s a local fish with coconut curry veggies.” She said to me upon inquiring of today’s lunch dish. They said it was white fish but like so many things here, it’s much, much more. Exploding in color and delightful in the flavors of garlic, coconut milk, sunflower oil, curry, red pepper flakes, basil and

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The Process of Spiritual Rebirth and Transformation

I thought Spiritual Rebirth was false until I experienced it. Many of us are burdened with heavy loads we were never intended to carry, creating addictions and compulsions in the seeking of relief. The rebirthing process is a way of releasing that so you can be merged back to your soul.