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While it's certainly nice to cruise a web site, nothing really beats human contact to sort out the important things in life. So please by all means, pick up the phone, email us or send us a message using the form below. Let's talk!

Robin Reed

Paranormal novel – Lovers in the Woods – due out in November 2018

Lovers in the Woods

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  1. Hello, thanks for giving me the chance to open up on the things I’ve been faced with for a couple of years now. Please if you have time can you please speak with me in private.. Thanks again

  2. Hi Robin…. just read ur post. Really struck me hard. Hv met a really nice guy sometime back and I feel so connected to him. U hv managed to reach certain level of understanding also. But the problem is both of us are not cmg out clean with our mutual feeling s. I keep looking for some hint, encouragement to bring it up with him. And that man simply refuses to say anything. So I get confused. And then I remember every time we meet, the way he looks at me….it feels he is talking to me. I can see his heart in his eyes. But still some words would certainly help for me to be able to progress. I recently tried to ask him out and the man asked…why? Well….I m confused. Don’t know what to think. Pls help.

  3. Hi Robin..please help. I loved this article…you are so right. Is there any way we could hold
    A phone conversation instead…I kinda dislike typing long explanations..but hei..if I need
    To email my short biggy. Please confirm call or email..ty ☺

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