Healing a Broken Heart

Life isn’t meant to be done alone.

We need others, which is both the most difficult and also rewarding part of life.

Choosing to step into forgiveness is an amazing journey and also the one we avoid, perpetuating the toxic cycle of frustrated relationships and mismanaged trust.

This is a practical, free, step-by-step guide on healing your heart and restoring the peace within yourself.


I know what it’s like to live disconnected. Disconnected from myself, from reality, from my dreams and from giving and receiving love.

For 25 years, a cycle of depression kept me imprisoned behind walls of self defeat, wearing masks to fit in and never really knowing where my place in life was.

I struggled in relationships, yet strangely, was well liked, always had plenty of friends, women to date and was even married, twice.

But I was alone and felt isolated from others, never really able to show up fully in who I was deep down.

The result?

I remained in relationships that were often toxic and even abusive, choosing partners that were not aligned to the person I wanted to be.

So in 2015, I took a long journey to “fix” the brokenness inside myself that I carried around for so, so long, resolved to find answers to my own lack of happiness and fully take responsibility, in hopes that I would find the solutions to building the life I dreamed of.

Since then, I’ve relocated from Texas to Southern California, traveled, mastered my physical health, stopped abusing alcohol and fully learned how to re-parent myself, 100% providing my own emotional health. Emotional sobriety is real, very real.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned and, now free of the depression, dedicated my life to the art of relationships and all the subtleties that make those connections so richly satisfying.

This is why I wrote, “Healing a Broken Heart.”

Written to be a deep healing from someone that loves life, loves people but at my core, struggled with believing I was lovable. I know the pain and the trials to building the life you want and know you’ll find this guide to be soulful comforter along your path to wholeness.

In service to life and love,


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About The Authorrobin_austin_reed

Robin has been in the sales & marketing world for 20+ years and has coached hundreds of people into better ways to deliver their message and help their clients.

With a background in ministry and philosophy, Robin spent 30 years struggling with the pillars of Religion. Finally breaking free, he questions the “normal” to now be considered an evocative (and sometimes controversial) thought leader.  Pushing the limits of society and culture, Robin guides others to find their own freedom in a life of self empowered creation, partnered with deep resonance to live with originality.  Robin is an ordained minister, performing marriages and the customary duties of ministry including spiritual guidance and consulting.

Robin’s passion is in seeing strong masculinity meet the opposite world of radically elegant femininity. Coaching self development, personal energy and the breaking away from limiting beliefs, Robin works with his students and clients to create pure and honest alliances for personal and business relationships.

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