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The Gift of Mindful Eating: Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food.

“Oh it’s a local fish with coconut curry veggies.” She said to me upon inquiring of today’s lunch dish. They said it was white fish but like so many things here, it’s much, much more. Exploding in color and delightful in the flavors of garlic, coconut milk, sunflower oil, curry, red pepper flakes, basil and

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Pouting is a Skilled Virtue

  “Nah baby girl, it’s not going down that way” I said in answer to her request, slightly demanding in stance. We stood there, her off centered from realizing she wasn’t going to get her way, something she clearly wasn’t use to. Accepting the fact I wasn’t budging, the lower lip protruded slightly, green eyes

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Are Yoga Teachers the New Spiritual Guide or Just Sexy Fitness Instructors?

I remember the stretch like it was yesterday, it pulled at me like a nagging child in the supermarket line begging for candy, all I wanted it to do was to shut it up so I could get through the experience. It was my hamstring. I think. Maybe my quad, shit I often never know…I

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