What Clients Are SayingNicole Jolie

“In all of his growth and continued ability to learn and influence, Robin has shown his true light in influencing others to think just a little bit different about who they are and what they value and moreover, what value they bring to the table. I've known Robin for almost 11 years now and I've seen the massive movement into a man's soul that exemplifies what it is to be human, to love, to nurture, and to be open to receiving. The one thing that Robin has taught me in this vast expanse that is “Life” is the ability to learn how to accept myself for who I am. In no way am I close to what I see in Robin, yet, I believe that by knowing him, being in his presence, even if it's just a virtual look on his Facebook page or reading his book, I have found new ways to understand myself and accept. Thank you Robin for your human beingness instead of human doingness.” ~Nicole J.

“I’ve known Robin over the past decade, which during that time I’ve been able to see him grow not only professionally and spiritually, but I’ve also been able to witness his growth as a personal coach. I’ve always admired Robin’s ability to stay focused and disciplined to complete tasks on multiple fronts. Robin has been an inspiration in all three of these areas of my life and his enthusiasm is very infectious. I’m proud to have Robin as a friend and business partner and would recommend him to anyone seeking his talents.” ~Randall R.

“Robin is a great life coach. He knows exactly how to guide someone in listening to Kristy Kulungowskihis/her inner voice! I am grateful Robin helped me find my core values so I could start living out my authentic self! He has a gift of knowing how to get to the nitty gritty inside a person's heart and bringing it forth to create positive results!” ~Kristy K.

“What I love about Robin, is his ability to touch the core. Whether we're focusing on the positive or “stuff” that needs a deeper look at, what you get from Robin is the raw truth. That comes from a kind heart perspective. Leaving plenty if room for growth. In sales, Robin is a closer. Few can make this claim. He can deliver his message concisely and in a manner that moves the project along. Getting the job done is only part of it. Getting it done right is equally as important. Oh, and did I say honest. Robin's honest perspective, intuitiveness, and ability to honestly serve others turns mice into men. Especially with that touch of Southern!! Robin Reed is all these things … and more!” ~Renee S.

Lisa Brown“Robin's ability to immediately engage you in a meaningful, uplifting conversation became abundantly clear to me when taking a class with him. I knew he possessed unique abilities to guide you and open up the conversation to a world of untapped possibilities and desires. When later coaching with Robin, I found myself energized and really putting into practice what he led me to do. He was able to glean in one hour what I had not been able to accomplish in the past five years through a great mind mapping exercise. Robin is more in tune with the human psyche than anyone I've ever met which is extremely beneficial, particularly when we are sometimes too caught up to see for ourselves.” ~Lisa B.

Robin and I have done some great deep work together over the past 4 plus years. Josh TraverRobin's ability to create and develop a unique safe place to explore and to challenge one's limits is truly a gifting. He leads with gentility and skill, never forcing the process and allows one to discover their truths in there own time. I am a stronger and bolder man because of my time and friendship with Robin. I would highly recommend anyone joining forces with him. Sky's the limit!” ~Josh T.