The Dawn’s Awakening

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The breaking of dawn. Light peaks through my small cave I call Airstream to join me in the state of stillness. Like a child eager to play, my agenda is curved to give full attention to the presence all around, light filling each inch with every passing second.2013 Airstream

Dawn, how you move slowly in to continue to consume all space and knock on the doors of hearts to crack open the sealed window, to encourage the unlocking process, rise to meet you in the playfulness of today.

Covers are thrown overhead, a slight grunt is given at your persistent pesting but you can't be ignored. Your light always reaches. With feet touching floor, hearty stretch is given, arms raised high and a yawn to follow.

A lover her rolls opposite direction with temptation to succumb to the warmth of nude, soft skin and embrace in sweetness a oneness of connection. Dawn brightens and the nag of alarms are silenced.

The brain boots up with the diligence of the latest operating system, reminders and tasks are presented but you, oh dawn are a jealous one, eager for time and space to be shared. How you call to me for attention, yielding light and love like a flaming sword in my hand. Together we will laugh and brighten the ways of the fallen and enlighten the paths of the accused.Airstream at Dawn

What a partner you will be, my forgiveness to self for not embracing you sooner. You oh illustrious one were always there, never questioning our union, presenting yourself to my body and soul from the day of birth, immortal in your being you offer yourself willingly, Alpha and Omega, I am but a blip on this massive scale of evolutionary existence.

You are infinite patience, sacrificial love in the space between consciousness that holds the neutrons together while I join you in the presence of now.

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