The Pilgramage

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July 0107 (3)Life can feel like a constant voyage of never ending adventures.  That statement can cause excitement or anxiety, depending on where you've sailed.  If you're constantly at sea, only occasionally porting to restock the provisions before heading back out, your body can grow weary from the work, yet you press on.

There have been days when ALL I've ever wanted to do was to sit safely in the harbor and rest.  To kick up my feet, watch the ocean's waves roll in and dream of what could be.  While that has it's place and time, the sea of life calls me back in.  Someone is drowning, a fellow needs his ship repaired or the hurricanes have blown in forcing me from the serenity of my chair only to remind me, powerfully once again…this thing is so very temporary and always changing.

Ya, I love the sea of life.  The rush, the pain, the success and even the thrill of the game.  Remembering the times with winds at my back, pushing the sails forward are the moments joyfully breathed in to reflect, to know that the treacherous task of keeping the boat afloat was worth the work.

Anyone that has followed my work knows that it's the certain XFactor of beauty we all carry that moves me into motion.  Helping others find that same quantifiable uniqueness has become my life's passion.   When they leave their safe passage to voyage into the pilgrimage of life, to grow into choices based upon strength versus the status quo they were told to unconditionally accept.

Keep sailing my friends.  Find that island that's all your own.

I love you,




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