When You Need to Get Results, Do This.

Resistance shows up every time you want to do anything great. Beat fear, complacency and laziness by doing this one thing.

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Didn’t want to do it today.

I could have quit. Nobody would have known.

Then it hit me: Creating can be a violent process as much as a kind and loving one.


Letting go.

Building a bigger version.

Making room for the great.

I often hear those defeating words in my coaching clients: “Robin, I really should do this, do that…”.

It's self-defeating, it doesn't work and at best, it's weak.

If you keep pressing in, eventually the victim subsides and runs back to the little dark cave of nothingness from which he emerged, tail tucked between legs to suck his thumb.

Sounds harsh? If so, that's him…the shadow, such a little poser, coaxing you into false comfort. Listen to that voice for like five seconds because it will teach you so much, but listen for much longer and it's instant death to your dreams.

Your response to the little demon of dreams, “Thank you for your opinion, little guy/girl…I don't need you right now.”

You'll hear people say they want to “kill their ego”, usually because they're so tired of failing. This is the WORSE thing anyone could ever do because the ego is part of us, to teach us, to keep us balanced and reflect the times back to us when we can be so amazing, and the times we need to surrender those character defects, turn em over and go back to GREAT again.

All of it requires taming the ego, discipline, accountability and finding your WHY buried deep inside us. Yes, the WHY.

Why do we do … what we do?  One word: RESISTANCE

Everything has a payoff.


Everything has a price.

Get clear on your WHY, assess the payoff and the price of everything we want, then launch into action with powerful intention and surrender in how it shows up.

I. Will. Keep. Training.

Not because it’s what I SHOULD do, or NEED to do … it’s just who I am.

Slowly, resistance subsides and like Moses parting the Red Sea, you will walk across the paved paths of your dreams on dry land, one foot at a time.

Some things just don't need consideration. There is no decision. We work not because we HAVE to, but because we GET to. We train not because we want to win marathons, but because it's part of us. We love our friends and partners best we can, not because we want something from them, but because we desire to see all of them for who they are, championing their growth.

So stop all that noise of complaining and low vibration silliness. I see you!! And…you’re fucking amazing.

Now get out there. It’s just who you are, and I love it!

Train, build an epic life one great soulmate at a time.


Watch this 2 minute video on Resistance


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