Hello there. I’m a Writer. Highly esoteric, wildly evocative and playfully curious, I write about the things we want to know and it seems nobody talks about. From the deep explorations of spirituality, to making fun of religion to wild and hot romance, I write things that make you feel and hopefully, come back for more. Stick around.read full bio
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What happened to the world we live. (poetry)

What happened to the world we live. (poetry)

What happened to the world we live I’m shedding tears, my heart can no longer give. Despair, pain and poverty make no sense We falling apart and my soul won’t rinse. I got no problems look at me, ya I got it all Keep playing ya always standing tall even when I fall. What happened

The 5 Ways We Battle with Integrity
The 5 Ways We Battle with Integrity

“Sorry I’m late, there was traffic!” “Don’t be disappointed, learn to let go.” “Why do you feel that way, there’s nothing wrong.” “Suck it up, you’re a big boy/girl.” Sorry, sorry, sorry…yet never do we actually make resolution, gain agreement and form a new commitment. Rather, the previous agreements are quickly swept under the figurative

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When You Need to Get Results, Do This.
When You Need to Get Results, Do This.

Resistance shows up every time you want to do anything great. Beat fear, complacency and laziness by doing this one thing.

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