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A Girl, A Daisy and Whole Foods

Popping into Whole Foods downtown today, I was shuffling through produce section to pick up my daily dose of greens.  Freshly finished a run, headphones on, ball cap pulled down tight and preoccupied with my own agenda. One can't help but slow down in this particular Whole Foods.  The distractions are everywhere and it's designed to overload your senses with…read more
Just for Women

The Effervescence of Women

The effervescence of women is such a gift from God.   The newness to the world, the connections to their changing bodies, the inherent pressure to figure out who they are and what they want to be, it all creates a lightness in the air like a passing thunderstorm.  I see this present in younger women 18-25 and have also experienced…read more
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Be A Builder

Builders inspire the world.  What they do, how they think, their grandiose ideas that are constantly flowing out of their minds.  I've been a builder from birth, constantly dreaming and searching for the creation of greatness.  Admittedly, I've struggled with the implementation and the consistency needed to actually see the creation launch, grow legs and run on its own.  My…read more