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Milos Cafe in lovely Condesa of Mexico City

The buzz of the espresso steamer. The hum of the passing car on the split lane street lined with trees and palms. The cute, sexy server attempting to give good service even though you both speak different languages What was intended to be a short walk, became a romantic and nostalgic experience with a small

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Bucharest Travel Guide. 3 Major Reasons to Visit This European Party Hub

For most of its existence, Bucharest remained hidden from the eyes of foreigners. Tales of brutal communist dictatorship that governed over Romania reached all corners of the world. One could wonder what needed to be done in order to attract modern-day tourists after such a reputation. Frankly, what happened after a crippling economic situation is

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We Are Silly and Stupid Humans – A Philosophical Rant from a Writer’s Mind.

Hi. I’m feeling so exposed and vulnerable. No family. No business. No home, roots or symbols of meaning that we often point at to say, “this is me, I am good,” with a highly-tuned sensitivity to read the faces of others around us to affirm our belonging. This has been my state of being for

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